Our Beers

Hop Sauce


Our flagship Pale Ale. A lovely golden colour, citrusy with hints of tropical and stone fruits.

Made with a unique blend of US, Kiwi & Aussie hops.

An easy drinking sessionable pale ale at 4.5%.

Extra-hop Sauce


American West-coast IPA, light-bodied and golden in colour with a tropical fruitbowl of aromas created using a combination of three amazing US hop varieties.

Seriously smashable at 6.2%.

Mega-hop Sauce


This was the first beer we brewed commercially and is a big favourite. Vienna and crystal malts for colour and balance, with a special mix of Calypso, Melba and Topaz hops, this is a big, resinous fruitilicious beer.

Dangerously drinkable at 8.3%.

Saucy Red


Our latest Special Batch release. A hoppy red ale, with just a hint of toffee, and a touch of rye to spice things up.

Easy drinking at 5%.

Previous Brews  (all gone)

Saucy Saison


The People’s Choice!

Back in early October we asked our fans to take part in a poll, where they would vote for their favourite beer style. When the results were in we created our take on the winning style and brewed it up, just in time for our launch party on the 11th of November.

And the winner by a close margin was the Saison! This is our take on the farmhouse ale – a unique blend of noble and new-world hops, with two different kinds of yeast come together for a wonderfully aromatic Saison.